4-Hr Teams Bootcamp

The End Result

A blueprint of Microsoft Teams that matches your org chart

All department leaders in agreement on overall structure

Each Team and leader specified, with its' respective policies and content

Roadmap for training and later integration of more complex aspects like SharePoint, Microsoft Planner or OneDrive synchronizations

"Working through the bootcamp proved that too much information can be counterproductive, shallow and ineffective when trying to effect big change or make progress."

Dan Sturdivant

VP of Sales, DataPath

What is it?
  • Half-day comprehensive meeting with key team leaders
  • Determine a simplified communications structure that will work for years to come
  • Roadmap training, implementation, security and more
Where is it?

On-site at Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles or at your facility. Bootcamps are not generally done remotely due to the intensity and focus required.

Who is at the bootcamp?
  • Your company is the only client in the room
  • You can bring up to 6 members of your staff and the session is led by 3 AP Logic consultants
How long does it take?
  • Bootcamps are a half-day session, held in the morning or afternoon; weekdays.
  • Scheduling: 4-8 weeks in advance
How much does it cost?

Starting at $3,750, on-site at Long Beach Airport

Follow up

We will introduce more complex aspects of security, access, interoperability with SharePoint, Microsoft Planner or OneDrive among other things. There is much more we can do to help in subsequent engagements, but the bootcamp is your critical first step!

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Our data-driven tools generate a report that describes your team's communications compared to an ideal benchmark.

We approach this from the human perspective and then finish with a discussion of the results.

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