Custom Back-Office Integrations

What if information overload is killing your best people?

We can show you when it's happening and help fix it!


Make your business systems talk more — so your team doesn't have to.

If you face backoffice integration challenges, then you already know that the following things result in distracted, frustrated team members:

Double or triple data-entry

Inaccuracies introduced by human error

Lack of intuitive reporting

multiple devices for data entry

How We Work

Here's how our developers help clients to effectively integrate backoffice data and build new software:


We architect on a time & materials basis. Architecture takes us through business requirements and technical requirements. We can architect just one sprint or a larger piece of a system or integration.

For some clients, we make small, weekly or monthly changes and updates. For others, it's a $1M build-out.


We custom-code web portals, apps or use APIs and build low-code solutions like those found in our toolset, below. We build the framework and do the heavy engineering work.

Want to work towards a transition to your internal dev team doing the feature upgrades and changes? We gladly support clients who are moving that direction.

Build & Support

  • For some clients, we operate to help them with their yearly technology budgets, strategy and priorities.
  • We work with product owners for our clients, tracking for upcoming builds and features.
  • Finally, we continue to engineer software when and where our clients request that or help their engineering team to implement the next build.

The Toolset

In addition to many common web and app development tools,
we are big believers in low-code solutions. Here are some:

Power Automate

Power Apps

Power BI

4-hr Bootcamp

Each bootcamp is tailored to your organization's unique environment and interests for Microsoft Teams- this is not a canned demo.

Training & Support

We help empower your people through a long-term commitment to their success with Micorosft Teams while maximixing ROI.

Schedule a call!

As with any custom work, this call begins with our team learning about your need and that's usually best done in a quick conversation. Let us know how we can get ahold of you!

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