Adminstrative Assistant

We’re looking for someone who takes our bits of information and puts everything into the right place and who likes to track progress. Our admin assistant is someone who’s happy reminding us of things we need to do even if it’s not the first time.
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Job brief

At AP Logic you will not be expected to slog through never-ending “spaghetti” code, be at the mercy of the customer’s whims or work 80 hour weeks to be successful. Engineers at AP Logic have design input long before the project reaches the level of code-writing. You, like us, should be committed to learning cutting edge technologies. As you know, engineering web apps which present complex information in simple, elegant interfaces is very challenging. If you’re up for the challenge, you will find yourself working alongside the most dedicated Software Architects, UI Designers and UX Engineers (Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, etc).

  • Are you looking to gain experience in Administration without a full time commitment?
  • Have you proudly worn the label of perfectionist and detail oriented?
  • Do you pride yourself on researching answers when taking on a new project?
  • Do you thrive in organizing chaos and perform well with many projects being assigned to you at once?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an independent, conservative risk-taker?
  • Finally, do you find you often utilize tools or solutions to increase productivity?

If you answered yes to these, AP Logic has the perfect opportunity for you!

Our team is composed of great people, but some need to focus on their specialty in order to use their strengths. They need someone who has some of the opposite abilities.

  • Financial: In support of our team, we need someone to perform certain, specific, light accounting and administrative tasks, including building reports out of various financial and sales data, minimal bookkeeping and other tasks – using QuickBooks. Entering all data accurately is critical.
  • Clerical: There are lots of little bits and pieces of information and things need to be entered and filed ACCURATELY! We have processes in place for performing tasks but there will be a certain level of judgment that will be required to be most successful. We don’t expect you to be super-social, but you will need to complete work coordinating with team members.
  • Human Resources: From time to time, administrative tasks involve HR – this means handling sensitive employee documentation, policy dissemination, on-boarding/off-boarding tasks and personal information that must be secure.
Individual characterisitics
  • Basic internet tools familiarity: ability to find and download documents, perform basic research to purchase office supplies, airplane tickets, hotel rooms, etc.
  • Microsoft O365 familiarity including Outlook, Word, Powerpoint and Excel.
  • A good grasp of desktop PCs and the ability to work within a company file system

  • Honest & Trustworthy
  • Consistent and continuous execution
  • Careful
  • Able to make quick, small decisions, seeks input on larger issues
  • Responds positively to input and direction
  • Pushes forward in the face of adversity and seeks assistance as needed