San Gabriel Children's Center

Harnessing the power of Microsoft Teams for enhanced efficiency and engagement
"As the project leader, I appreciated AP Logic's willingness and ability to work with our diverse team members. The experience has been invaluable. We are working more efficiently already and are actively engaged in continuing to make our systems even clearer based on the guidance from Rebecca, Sophia, and your team. Thank you!"

- Tracy, VP of Operations


The San Gabriel Children's Center, a dedicated provider of therapeutic services for children, was navigating challenges with managing their day-to-day operations efficiently. Their primary focus remained on client-facing issues, which led to their internal workflows being under-prioritized, particularly in the realm of digital tools like Microsoft Teams.


San Gabriel Children's Center was already equipped with Microsoft Teams. However, the platform's full range of functionalities was not being utilized. The challenge was to tap into the untapped potential of Microsoft Teams and align it with their existing competencies without overwhelming the staff and maintaining their primary focus on client services.


Our team stepped in to help San Gabriel Children's Center bridge this digital gap. Understanding the importance of staff involvement in any technological change, we ensured that San Gabriel's team was part of the transformation journey.

We worked closely with them, providing guidance to structure and utilize Microsoft Teams to its fullest capacity. We fostered an environment that encouraged input and active participation, significantly improving their personal and shared workflows.


The staff was not only able to grasp and implement the suggestions AP Logic provided but also got engaged in a culture of continuous digital enhancement. The introduction of Microsoft Teams and the training provided reshaped their communication and collaboration methods, streamlining operations and enhancing overall productivity.

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