Is your business at risk of information overload?


What we measure


How Teams, channels and file locations are created, named and used. Where are conversations happening? Is this the best place for them? Do the right people have access?


This metric is all about how people create messages, meetings, files and initiate communications. Are they spamming the whole company? Do they know who they are speaking to?


How does your team prioritize and stay on task? Does every message become a distraction? Is the culture supportive of FOCUSED work-methods? Can people filter out distractions?
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Why free? We think you’ll want to work with us, but even if you don’t, it’ll be a valuable tool for you going forward, and one more company will be more focused!
How it works

Assess MS Teams

We work with your MSP and our unique software to carefully and confidentially review the structure of your teams - how the channels and teams are setup. We also look at the size and quantity of content being posted - either in posts or files. No content or information is read.

Survey Your Team

Believe it or not, your team members are more likely to be honest external helpers consultants. Our report will show (anonymously) how many people are focused, what types of communications work better for them, how well your communications are working now, and much more!

Review Findings With You

This part is the most fun - we get to talk over what we find with you. If the report reveals structural weaknesses, we'll describe remedies with you. Its fun, engaging, and probably therapeutic. Most companies struggle with various forms of unfocused communications, so you're probably not alone!

What comes next?