Our team

We are passionate about overcoming the "self-induced" ADD/ADHD that pervades modern life.

Our goal is to provide the best tools and techniques to overcome information overload and see people be proactive and focused again.

jim ratichek
Jim Ratichek
President, CEO

A pragmatic dreamer, Jim seeks ideas that solve real problems and he creates the systems to make them reality. Not one to take an existing path, Jim started his first business at 19, eschewing college degrees and salaried positions. A dose of adventure, passion and ADD keeps the wheels turning and the opportunities coming.

Outside of the office, Jim can be found flying, turning wrenches, running or exploring. He enjoys mentoring those who desire to take a path less-traveled.

ken vigil
Ken Vigil
Director of Software Architecture

With an insatiable curiosity and an uncanny knack for seeing applications for new technologies, Ken combines the best attributes of a dreamer with a perfectionist. As one of the company’s founders and directors, Ken’s job is to help guide the future of user interface design and development on the web.

Ken’s resides on the central coast with his wife and daughters and plays soccer when he’s not investigating a new scheme for world information domination.

rebecca flores
Rebecca Flores
Operations Manager

An intuitive manager and persuader, Rebecca becomes a force of nature when pursuing the information she needs to hit the goal and nail down all the moving parts. Yet she knows when to facilitate and when to take the lead.

Rebecca spends her personal time browsing TED Talks and cultivating the mind and heart of an ambitious, compassionate little man that calls her “Mom”.

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