AP Logic

Reseller Program


See what we can do together

Make Money on Referrals

You’ll make money with preferred pricing on our entire range of services – sold on a one-time or monthly basis.

Reduce Tier-1 Tech Support

Your clients will have fewer Tier-1 tech support requests, since they’ll understand Teams and use it efficiently.

Happier Clients with Teams & M365

Clients will be more satisfied with Teams, M365 and your services; they’ll have fewer breakdowns and conflicts.

Setup & Config for Teams

We can aid you in setup, config and other Teams-related issues if your team wishes to delegate those.

You Own the Relationship

How does your team prioritize and stay on task? Does every message become a distraction? Is the culture supportive of FOCUSED work-methods? Can people filter out distractions?


AP Logic partners with MSPs and Tech infrastructure providers that resell M365 or Azure and want to help their clients make the most of Microsoft Teams.

We provide the structural consulting, business advice and communications savvy to help clients make the most of Teams. We don’t sell M365 licenses and we don’t manage infrastructure.