Implementation & Beyond

partner program


By the time we get to this phase, your team will already know their structure for Microsoft Teams from the boorcamp.

This phase is a deep dive with each team followed by implementation
and training.

Team leaders take the reins

The buildout begins with each Team's leader and all their invested team members working with our coaches in an online session - one session for every Team. We nail down security, permissions, all file and content migrations, and more.


From there, we get to work on helping you actually build the Team, its channels, adding members, moving content and setting attributes.


This is training - and it happens in conjunction with the build-out above. From understanding the relationships between Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive to archiving channels, setting security, etc, your Team will learn just what they need - no more or less. It fast, contextual and effective.

Continual Optimization

Getting Teams working right at a single point in time is tricky… but it's much trickier to keep it working and organized.

The desire is to add stuff is overwhelming. Our job is to KEEP IT SIMPLE for your team. Learning to ditch superfluous communications and stay agile is the game. And we will stay on the game to help them make it happen.

There will be accountabililty: Both our analysis tools and your company's assigned consultant will be on-top of the communication:

Dead channels?
Files being shared that shouldn't be?
Do we create a new Team or a channel?
How do we train new team members?

We keep your team leaders in tip-top shape to nip that stuff before it causes communications breakdowns - or information overload.

Get started with a free assessment!

Our data-driven tools generate a report that describes your team's communications compared to an ideal benchmark.

We approach this from the human perspective and then finish with a discussion of the results.

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