& Training


Implement your new structure

Step 1

Final Migration Plan

We'll help you apply the KISS principle to information focus. Each Team is directly assigned to a coach to finalize channels, access levels and content migrations.
Step 2

Buildout & Train

It is what it sounds like - We help you setup new teams and channels, migrate all the content, shut down the old ones and train people to use it. This phase is fast due to Step 1.
Step 3


On a quarterly basis, we review your teams usage, survey your team and provide you with an updated report. Each month we call Team leads, provide tips to solve problems and are available on-call for questions.  


Getting Teams working right at a single point in time is tricky… but it's much trickier to keep it working and organized. The desire to add stuff is overwhelming.

Our job is to KEEP IT SIMPLE for your team. Learning to ditch superfluous communications and stay agile is the game. And we will stay on the game to help them make it happen.

We keep your team leaders in tip-top shape to zap that stuff before it causes communications breakdowns - or information overload.

Are you ready to make information overload a thing of the past?

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