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Discover how joining your services with AP Logic can elevate your business.

Earn With Referrals

Benefit from our competitive referral program with preferred pricing across our comprehensive service range.

Reduce Tier-1 Support

Rely on us for efficient Microsoft Teams and SharePoint user training, minimizing your front-line support load.

Own The Relationship

Maintain direct client connections, while we back you with specialized Microsoft Teams and SharePoint expertise for mutual growth.

Resource Efficiency

Deploy our expert resources to optimize your service delivery, achieving more with streamlined solutions and reduced effort.

Distinct Advantage

Offer your clients unique solutions with our proprietary software for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, setting your services apart.

Dedicated Support

We work hand-in-hand with your team, offering comprehensive support and specialized expertise tailored to your client's needs.

We don't compete with you


We DO NOT sell Microsoft 365 licenses and we do not manage infrastructure.


We provide the structural consulting, business advice, and communications savvy to help your clients make the most of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

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