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Files You Can Find

No more hoarding! Want to find a file that isn't buried in an email, OneDrive or somehow escaped the universe? With our Paradigm Framework organizational tool, you can see and structure Teams yourself or just use our simple templates. Plus, we'll keep you organized so the mess won't come back.

Meetings that Aren't Mysteries

Why are we meeting? Where were the notes from last week? It doesn't need to be an archeological expedition for meeting notes and agendas. Meetings are one of the number one friction points in companies we help. Clients can eliminate several meetings per week as agendas and notes become focused and are easily-found.

Messages that Matter

365 shouldn't stand for the number of unread messages in your teams or inbox. Simplify your Teams and Channels. Get people focused on the task at hand and you'll be amazed how fast projects go and how little money is spent in clean-up! Unlocking daily time savings of 18-40+ minutes per employee per day.


successful transformations

"With AP Logic's guidance and support we have transitioned into Microsoft Teams much more smoothly than I anticipated! This would not have been possible without AP Logic's expertise and input."

Keegan McLevin, VP of Operations


"Despite the robust features in Microsoft Teams that take time to configure and learn, AP Logic worked through their process with our staff and in the end, delivered exactly the results promised, at the promised price."

Jason Rezell, CEO

Linwood Engineering

"Our committment to clients left our staff with less time to focus on how everyday work is completed. We are working more efficiently and engaged in continuing to make our systems even clearer with AP Logic's guidance."

Tracy Wilson, VP of Operations

San Gabriel Children's Center

Pricing that suits your needs

Our pricing is tailored to your unique business needs, ensuring that you only pay for what you need.


  • Liaising with IT personnel, assessing system configurations, and verifying current Microsoft licenses.
  • Additional adjustments required for service compatibility may incur extra costs.
  • Changes in Microsoft's offerings may affect features available to you
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Paradigm Framework

Guided Architecture


(up to 30 users)
(1 property & up to 30 users)

SharePoint Workshop

MS Teams Workshop

CoPilot Workshop


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Monthly Cost for 12 Months



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