Inspired by firsthand challenges


What makes AP LOgic different?

We are committed to helping you streamline your Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to enhance focus and productivity.

We tackle channel overload and notification fatigue, delivering custom solutions for a more organized and efficient communication experience.

  • We understand how complex teams is to setup & manage
  • We provide customized solutions for each client
  • we focus on delivering measurable results you can see

our team

Meet Our Team

Team Member

Jim Ratichek

CEO and Founder

Jim, a pragmatic visionary, is driven by the pursuit of practical solutions to real-world challenges. Shunning the conventional route, he launched his entrepreneurial journey at 19, bypassing traditional academia and the allure of a steady paycheck.

At the core of his interests lies the intricate dance between human and machine — a domain he finds infinitely captivating, albeit equally demanding and fulfilling. It's this intricate interplay that has become the cornerstone of AP Logic's mission: to craft software that truly performs in the tangible world.

Jim's blend of adventurous spirit, fervent passion, and dynamic energy fuels constant innovation and keeps the door to new possibilities wide open.

Team Member

Ken Vigil

VP of Architecture

Ken is recognized for his strategic foresight and the ability to distill expansive visions into precise, actionable steps.

At the helm of project management, Ken's approach is both holistic and nuanced, ensuring that every phase of development is aligned with the client's strategic objectives.

His adeptness in aligning project milestones with business outcomes has positioned AP Logic as a leader in delivering solutions that not only fulfill but anticipate client needs

Team Member

Rebecca Flores

Operations Manager

In the intricate and technical world of our business, Rebecca shines with her knack for aligning meticulous details with overarching goals.

Rebecca’s intuitive management style and persuasive ability make her exceptional at driving projects to fruition.

She masterfully manages every facet, balancing when to lead and when to encourage team autonomy. This balance has defined her role in driving entrepreneurial success and connecting with clients who seek innovative leadership.