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How much time do you spend looking for files and vital information to do your job?

*The exact savings will depend on the specifics of each organization's situation.
$ 675.00
cost of unoptimized file management

$ 290.00

saving of optimized file management
*The size of your system and whether you have stroage will change the way that you interact with your retailer
$ 622
1-2 hours
3-4 hours
5-6 hours
7-8 hours
8+ hours

Get a free analysis, with no obligation.

Welcome to our free analysis service for Microsoft Teams! We know it may not be an action-packed thriller, but we can assure you that it's just as exciting to discover what your team thinks about your company's communication systems.

Best of all, our analysis service is entirely free! You won't need to invest a dime in discovering the potential weak spots in your communication systems.


The free analysis provided by AP Logic was incredibly useful for our business. It helped us identify areas where we could streamline our use of Microsoft Teams and reduce information overload.

After receiving the free analysis from this company, we knew that we needed to take our use of Microsoft Teams to the next level.

The Details

Why should I get a free analysis?

In just six short minutes, our anonymous survey will provide valuable insights into how your file storage and chat systems are working.

You'll discover if your teams are wasting time on dead channels, or if they're posting and responding effectively.

Plus, you'll learn if your files are stored in locations where people can easily find them.

What does the free analysis entail?

Our analysis service will give you a glimpse into your team's perception of their communications.

You'll learn if your management team is effectively delegating down and if people are receiving the message.

You'll discover if your organization is helping or hurting your team members.

What will the analysis report include?

Our analysis service will score your team's communication for clarity, structure, and focus.

We'll provide helpful tips on what to fix and show you how we can help you engage with AP Logic if you'd like additional support.

How much effort do I need to put into this?

All your team needs to do is take a six-minute survey, and we'll do the rest. We'll tabulate the results and schedule a time to answer any questions you may have about the report.

The benefits of a focused team

Here are some reasons why considering improving your company's information management process might be a worthy investment.
Increased productivity

When team members are focused, they are more likely to work efficiently and effectively, leading to higher levels of output.

Improved decision-making

When team members are focused and working towards a common goal, they are more likely to make well-informed decisions that support the success of the team.

Better collaboration

With a shared focus, team members are more likely to work together effectively and support each other in achieving their goals.

What comes next?

Our Microsoft Teams workshop can help you understand the root causes of information overload. We work with you to create a structure to better manage file and information, that allows employees to collaborate more effectively, and share information in a way that is organized and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Kickstarter take?

The Kickstarter only takes 6 minutes on your part to complete. It's quick and painless!

What kind of information do you need to conduct the Kickstarter?

If you're wondering what kind of information we'll need to conduct the Kickstarter, it's simple. We'll need email addresses to send the survey to, and optionally, we'll need access to your Microsoft Teams account to conduct an internal communications analysis. However, if you don't currently use Teams or prefer not to provide access, we can still perform the Kickstarter and provide you with valuable insights.

What if we don't use Microsoft Teams yet, can you still help us?

If you're not yet using Microsoft Teams, no problem! Our Kickstarter is designed to understand your team's needs, no matter what systems you use today.

Do you offer other services related to Microsoft Teams?

Yes, we offer a range of services related to Microsoft Teams, including training, consulting, and custom development. Please contact us to learn more.