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know where every conversation is and where each file lives

Simplifying Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

New to Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?

  • templates for teams that work right out of the box.
  • educate your people to use the tools in the context of your company.
  • Get migrated simply and quickly using our migration software.

Already using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?

  • Learn what you're dealing with: does your teams look like a hoarder moved in?
  • design simplified teams. see them in our modeling tool before you implement.
  • use our tools and expertise to keep organized and focused on your own, or with our help


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For any size organization that’s ready to access files easily with a simple, organized structure that anyone can use.

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Microsoft Teams

Includes architecture of Teams, Channels, chat, posts,
file organization and
permissions groups

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Microsoft Teams

For agile organizations that want simple package plus cutting edge features including notes, tasking, CoPilot and more!

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client experiences

"With AP Logic's guidance and support we have transitioned into Microsoft Teams much more smoothly than I anticipated! This would not have been possible without AP Logic's expertise and input."

Keegan McLevin, VP of Operations


"Despite the robust features in Microsoft Teams that take time to configure and learn, AP Logic worked through their process with our staff and in the end, delivered exactly the results promised, at the promised price."

Jason Rezell, CEO

Linwood Engineering

"Our committment to clients left our staff with less time to focus on how everyday work is completed. We are working more efficiently and engaged in continuing to make our systems even clearer with AP Logic's guidance."

Tracy Wilson, VP of Operations

San Gabriel Children's Center


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Does AP Logic help organizations looking to start using Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?
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What exactly is included in AP Logic's services?
How does AP Logic simplify the restructuring and migration process?
What final outcomes can I expect?
Will I need ongoing support from AP Logic after the service?