Every company is suffering from
self-inflicted A.D.D.

Information overload
Irrelevant notifications
Disorganized file systems

Break free from distractions!

Save 5 to 10 hours per week
Fewer, focused messages solve problems; bloated inboxes don't.
Increase sales by 15 to 20%
Sales teams with access to materials close deals faster.
Finish 80% of projects on time
Hit goals when your team learns to say no to lower priorities

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AP Logic helps companies focus using Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint

Find out what's broken

Our 6-minute free assessment gives your company a score in each of the three focal metrics: focus, clarity and structure.

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Reboot your Microsoft Teams

Intense, focused, live seminar. With our guidance, your team designs a radically simplified structure for file storage and chat.

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Make the changes happen

We'll create your ideal Teams structure, migrate content and files, train staff and measure your increased productivity.

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Stay on the focused path

A little help to stay healthy and focused won't hurt. Answers on-demand, monthly metric reviews with Teams snapshots and quarterly "tuneup" sessions.

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AP Logic’s team executed beautifully on our company's transition from Outlook, GSuite, OneDrive, Slack, Zoom and various other platforms to Microsoft Teams. They worked closely with our IT Team and stakeholders to make this transition painless and efficient.​