San Gabriel Children's Center

An agency providing competent and collaborative mental health services for children

Project Overview

San Gabriel Children's Center stands at the forefront of child-focused therapeutic services. Yet, behind the scenes, their commitment to care was eclipsed by the complexities of digital inefficiencies. As they poured their hearts into their mission, the tools at their disposal remained underused, signaling a need for change.


San Gabriel Children's Center


Basic Microsoft Teams


The staff was familiar with Microsoft Teams but weren't leveraging its full capabilities. The challenge was to enhance their use of Teams in a way that was easy to adopt and didn't distract from their vital work with children.


By involving the staff in a hands-on, step-by-step transformation process, we tailored Teams' functionality to fit their operational needs, focusing on ease of use and practical application.


The staff embraced the new tools, leading to more efficient communication and a significant boost in productivity. The training and changes implemented by AP Logic had a ripple effect, fostering a culture of ongoing improvement and digital fluency that benefited both the staff and the children they serve.


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"Our committment to clients left our staff with less time to focus on how everyday work is completed. We are working more efficiently and engaged in continuing to make our systems even clearer with AP Logic's guidance."‍

VP of Operations at San Gabriel Children's Center